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  Millwork & Trim Nails

   23ga. Micro Pins
   21ga. Straight Brad Nails
   18ga. Straight Brad Nails
   16ga. Straight Finish Nails
   16ga. 20° Angle Finish Nails
   15ga. 25° FN Angle Finish Nails
   15ga. 34° DA Angle Finish Brite
   15ga. 34° DA Angle Finish Galv

  Millwork & Trim Staples

   18ga x 3/16" Crown for Paslode
   18ga x 7/32" Crown for Bostitch
   18ga x 1/4" Crown L Staples
   18ga x 3/8" Crown M Staples
   16ga x 7/16" Crown N Staples
   15ga x 7/16" Crown Q Staples
   16ga x 1/2" Crown for Bostitch
   16ga x 1/2" Crown for Paslode

  Hardwood Flooring Nails

   16 ga. L-Shaped Cleat Nails

  Hardwood Flooring Staples

   15.5ga x 1/2" Crown Staples

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We stock a very large variety of collated finish nails and staples. All orders are processed Monday through Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm Pacific Standard Time.

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Most orders ship the same day and deliver within 2-5 business days,
and 40 cases or more deliver within 5-7 business days.

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If you have questions or need to contact us please send us an email. We will respond promptly.
Or if you prefer call toll free (866) 328-6548. Otherwise, as soon as your order is submitted and received we will immediately pack it up and ship it out.

   Featured Items:

7/8" Leg x 1/4" Crown Staples 18 gauge L12 Galv (5 bx)

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Code: L12
Price: $53.95
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16 gauge straight no angle Finish Nails for Paslode, Porter Cable, Hitachi, Spotnails and many others    DA Series 15 gauge 34 degree Angled Finish Nails for Senco, Porter Cable, Hitachi, Dewalt and many others

16 Gauge Straight Finish Nails

15 Gauge 34° Finish Nails

   Featured Items:

2" Flooring Cleat Nails 16 gauge L shaped (10 bx)

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Code: FLN-200
Price: $109.00
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